Thursday, June 28, 2007

Please help a fellow South Asian

Vinay Chakravarthy

Joining the bone marrow registry is not hard. I did it on a Saturday morning a few weeks ago, it took about 20 minute total - filling out paperwork, swabbing inside of my cheek, closing up the envelope, handing it in, getting back into my car and then going on with my day.

I post this to please urge you all to register. Someone from our community needs our help, and it is up to us to rally behind him and provide the support he needs.

In addition, once you register, be aware that you may be called upon to help. Although it sounds scary, it is the step that needs to be taken to save a life. Please read about donating bone marrow to alleviate any apprehension. It is not an easy process, but remember, those suffering from the disease are having a much worse time then a donor will ever have donating.

Find a registry in your area.

Any other information you will need is available here.

It is a privilege, not a choice, to be able to help another human being.

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