Thursday, March 13, 2008

How I got engaged - Story and ring detail... and other updates

I kind of suck at this blogging thing. The problem is that I'm so damn, training for a marathon; getting engaged, etc... lots to think about.

So, marathon training is going well, you can read about it
here. I'm really proud of myself though, didn't think I had the gusto to do it, but now, I love running. And so far, for the $100 sign-up fee, I have a personal trainer three times a week, and a lovely tour of San Francisco/Marin. I've ran down the Embarcadero; Beach Chalet, Lands End, Chrissy Fields, Blackies Pasture, out by Stinson Beach ... I've seen and experienced all areas in less than 2 months. Amazing.

Work is going well also. I just got moved to the Xbox account, which is quite fascinating, so that is very cool to work with. Also, I've begun to master most of what my agency likes in the media department so that is very cool when everyone trusts you to do everything. It also leads to being asked to do more stuff, but I guess that's a good thing in the long run. I always thought I wanted to do something to "better" society; i.e. - work in a school; be a doctor etc... but then I fell in love with advertising. And although I'm not doing an extraordinary thing, I believe that what I am doing, I'm attempting to be extraordinary at it, so that should be enough, right?

And lastly, engagement story and what the ring looks like:

I train on Saturday mornings for my marathon; so on this particular Saturday (Feb 23); I came home to UGS sitting on the couch watching television. I sat down with him, talked about plans for the day, decided to be lazy and not do anything and then said I was going to shower. He said, "no, don't go yet, just hang out on the sofa..." Okay. So, instead of showering, I said, "well, I'm hungry, I'll make breakfast, do you want anything." He said, "oh, we'll eat later, I'll make you breakfast, let's just hang out on the couch." Okay... and then as we are hanging out on the couch watching television (side note - we were watching my favorite television show "Girlfriends," and he wasn't complaining... SO should have figured something was up!) and he started saying some really nice things: "I love you" "Life is so great with you" etc. To my credit, I thought it was a bit weird, but figured he was having a moment so to just listen and not be all girly and be like, "WHY?! What's up? Why are you saying these things...?" And then, he all of a sudden got up off of the couch, on to the floor, kneeling in front of me. Still no bells ringing. So I look at him and say, "Dude, what are you doing? Where you going?" And he said, "I'm going no where, I'm right here..." and then all of a sudden, I see him on his knee and putting his hand in his pocket and then ... OH MY GOD! In my head: "Oh my god, this is like so happening RIGHT NOW!!!" And then he asked me to do him the honor of saying yes to being his wife (or something of the sort, everything from that moment till about 5 minutes later is a blur)... I said, "of course" hugged him, we both were smiling and then he left the room... to go get the two dozen roses and a bottle of champagne. Yes! And then he told me about the night he had planned: drinks at
The Carnelian Room and then dinner at Le Colonial. And all this, in a limo! Amazing, amazing evening. Great food, excellent times.

The ring, it's pretty, you have to come see me to see the ring. :)

And that's the story. Nice, huh?