Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I left part of my heart in...

Wow. Is about all I have to say. I left for Dubai last week for my cousin's wedding and just got back. Yes, Dubai. Yes, the place that everyone is like, "OMG! Dubai?!" Yes, Dubai. My family lived there LONG before the Burj, the Palm Island, and even before Tiger Woods became the paradigm of golfing. And as always, I LOVED it. LOVED it. It was so hard to come home (SF), because in a way, even though I never officially lived there, it has always been home to me. I bawled like a baby the night I left. My entire family had gathered at my uncle's place for the SatyaNarayan puja and to see them all sitting there, and me having to leave it, was heartbreaking.

This trip was so wonderful because:
-All 11 of the late Sumitra Rao's grandchildren were under one roof for the first time in about 20 years.
-The wedding was the pompest, poshest blast EVER! Backdrop of your wedding being the Burj AND fireworks, what?!
-Everything for everyone was catered to, down to the breakfast in the hotel
-And so many other things, I'm too tired to name. Pictures will go up soon.

Oh, Dubai. I left part of my heart there...