Friday, October 5, 2007


So Britney. I love her... she keeps me entertained and amused with all her mishaps. And while I root for her (barely) to come back and be that writhing force on the dance floor with snakes and body glitter... a part of me (a very small, very bitchy part) is almost giddy. Yes, giddy. Giddy that she danced on stage at the VMAs as a "fat pig" as some of the media outlets called her, giddy with the fact that she's having issues raising her kids, her divorce was not all hush hush and that surprise(!), she fights with her family. Openly. Now, as much all this makes her real, she's taken it to a fairly trashy level. I was still hoping, hoping that she'd come back. And the VMAs happened. For those of you that don't remember:

Yeah... wow... but you know, second chances ya'll... second chances. So I was hoping that the video for this song (that is doing
surprisingly well) would rock it out. Like, "I'm a Slave For U..." remember that? It was hot:

So... here it is... the video for "Gimmie More":

OMG... yuck. Thoughts?