Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Movie Review

I saw Transformers last night. Wow. That movie was fantastic. I read the NYTimes review yesterday and was a bit scared. I imagined this overly testosterone filled movie with robots, lots of crashing around and cliched lines from the characters. Instead, I saw a movie that was overly-testosterone filled, full of robots, crashing around, and tons of cliched lines. But it was fantastic!

Review for the boys:

2 hot girls - Megan Fox and this other chick that speaks with an accent. A hot blonde and a hot brunette, both in fairly tight clothing that breathe heavy at all the right times.

2 badasses in Josh Duhamel and Tyrese - army guys, guns, and no fear.

Robots, nice cars, lots of great explosions, damaged property, etc.

Lots of great lines for you boys to repeat from here on out.

Review for the girls:

The 2 hot girls - they are actually pretty cool and have good character in the movie. And the brunette is the lead girl. Yay, for brunettes.

The 2 badasses - oh wow. Army boys, handling big guns, muscles flexing, and one of them is a family man. Nice.

The cars are sexy, and the explosions are spectactular to watch.

And the lines, some of the best writing I have heard in an action movie yet.

And for both sexes - the breakout star, Shia Lebouf, he's fantastic. He's the underdog that you root for the entire movie.

Good stuff, go see it. Now.


chai said...

i saw it and loved the action and effects.

but the lines were SO cheesy between the main characters.

AND the brunette ("the criminal") was LAME-O. besides being a bad girl, her acting and lines were pathetic. it was like everyone was in on the joke--she's there because she is hot.

archana said...

seriously loved this movie. not the script so much, but it was great eye candy and hotdamn, those machines!

do you ever wonder which transformer you'd be if you were one? and what object you'd be when you were static? chew on that... get back to me :)