Thursday, May 10, 2007

Prohibition 2007 update

I've been on the alcohol fast for about 9 days and in those 9 days were the following:
1) Two work events
2) Visit home to see the Ma who is an intense wino
3) Birthday celebration

It was hard not to drink, not that I felt a biological desire towards it, but more so it was "the thing to do." I've constantly read about how much alcohol is a social lubrication, but I didn't understand it till I started my alcohol fast. Few things I've noticed:

1) If you say no to alcohol (beer, wine, etc.), it almost immediately is followed by, "Oh really? Why?" as if you had told someone you decided to stop breathing.
2) Not drinking also elicits one of two questions: "Are you pregnant?" and/or "Oh, so... did you have a problem...?" - NO and no.
3) Once you stop drinking, most social scenes are reminiscent of this time: think back to elementary school where all the cool girls have the new pair of leather boots and you're still wearing your snow boots from 2 years ago.
4) People usually only ask if an individual if they are driving after they've had about 3-4 and are clearly, happy ... hmmm.
5) And, if you aren't drinking, your friends/acquaintences/conversation members all feel the need to announce it to the new people entering your circle even if the present conversation was regarding something banal such as Bay area geography. "What is the name of the "Crooked Street?" "It is ... (new person entering conversation)... Hi! By the way, ______ is not drinking tonight... Lombard. The Real Worlders lived in a house on Lombard."

Another succesful week. Hope everyone is having a good one.

Stay strong and sing in the shower.

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