Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Gripes, promotions, and omens

Boo. - Imitation is apparently the greatest form of flattery. I find it annoying. Be yourself, I'm not that spectacular of a person, but I am me. Don't be me. Be you.

Yay! - Good luck to my
friend. She's running in a marathon! Go Chai!

Omen? - I was walking to my office this morning from the BART station and got nailed in the head by a bird. It was flying low, and like swooped my head, but no "presents." I've heard that if a bird shits on you, then it's good luck, but never heard anything about a bird bumping into your head. I've been looking on the Internet for this and couldn't find anything. I asked my Ma, she recommended that I wash my hair this evening, but since it wasn't a crow, I don't have anything to worry about. It is times like this I wish
Mamama was around. She'd know what it all meant. Any ideas?


brown sugar said...

Maybe the bird really wanted to give you some luck? That is weird, though...let us know what you find out...

maisnon said...

I've heard that if a bird shits on you, then it's good luck

Yeah, I've heard that too (and had it happen!) But, really, what else are people going to say? A bird just shit on your head! ;)

Swati said...

hey thanks for the comment homieG. oh and that is his real name.. neil is just his nickname ;-)