Thursday, May 31, 2007

30 days

I drank this past weekend. And a couple drinks at a wedding earlier this month... blah... I know, I know... it goes back on all things not drinking. BUT (yes, there always is a but); I do believe my drinking was controlled AND yesterday, at our softball game, I did not partake in the beer that was available. This whole exercise has evolved into more of being able to control the amount of alcohol in my life, and not just drink, to drink. I HAVE upgraded on the food that I'm eating (lots more fish, fruits and veggies) and upped my water intake. I'm doing well so far, we'll see how I do in the month of June.

To leave you all for this month of May, here is a sample of a bit of my life at my job working with Big Brother:

International Conference Calls

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UGS said...

Microsoft is insane, and they would make me go insane with all those acronyms.