Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A belated weekend update-

Only because I must post a plug for one of THE BEST concerts I have been to: Railroad Earth.

On the quick: UGS went to a bachelor party this weekend in Vegas (I haven't asked, he hasn't told, we're going to keep it that way). I spent Friday night in the city with co-workers getting horrendously inebriated. There were some mixed drinks, perhaps a shot of tequila and quite possibly some nicotine... but I digress. I spent an oxymoronic Saturday in production and massive hungoverness. I became an official Californian - plated my car and got my driver's license!
*Side rant: WTF is up with paying the difference on taxes for a car you have already bought in another state AND for not giving me my license right away? In Indiana, they have this zippy little machine that prints out your license for you, so you leave with it. Here, in CA, I get to drive around with a piece of paper like I am 15 with my permit and no license for two weeks. TWO WEEKS?!End rant*
Then after spending way too much time at the DMV, got a haircut, Bhagavad Gita class, mondo-uber-delicious dinner cooked by some fantastic aunties, and then off to the city for a concert.

Concert recap: The Duhks from Winnipeg, Manitoba started the show off amazingly. Their lead singer sang the roof off and the music was just foot-stompin' good. Railroad Earth then took the show to another level. I was in a trance for most of the concert, eyes closed, body moving and just letting the music become a part of me. It was a holistic experience, that concert. Holistic in the sense that everything was in place that evening - the driving, the bomb-ass parking, friendly homeless folks, the group at the concert, the music, the intoxicants (beer and such) and especially, the after-eats.

Then, drove back to my part of the Bay Area, came home and passed out. Good times.

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