Friday, March 30, 2007

Desis in the Media Response...

Just to clarify a few things regarding my last post... it's American Idol... I really don't believe that things that happen on American Idol will effectively change the world for better. Regardless of who wins, hunger is still there; there is still a war waging internally and on the other side of the world and Bush is still in office. For my statement regarding, "even one drop makes you South Asian, so you have my vote," applies only to such things (American Idol, Big Brother, etc...) And I actually do think that Sanjaya is okay, he's not the best, there are better, but I like him. For a 17-year old that has all this controversy around him regarding his popularity, is acting fairly cool, in my humble opinion.

I should have rephrased it and possibly not been so strong with the statement. Again, it's American Idol, it's not world politics. I wouldn't vote for an Indian to be in office just because that individual is of South Asian descent. And I don't think that other South Asians should do as such.

I'm writing this post as a clarification, not as a retraction. I stand by what I said, but only for things that are light and fluffy, such as American Idol. Thank you.

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