Friday, July 20, 2007

Harry Potter Friday

Harry Potter has taken over my Friday. I can't work... all I can do is think about how the book I pre-ordered is sitting in San Ramon (oh, believe me, I tracked that sucker) and it won't be delivered till TOMORROW!!! Grr...

So, I'm going to the Harry Potter party tonight at Border's near my apartment. I think. I'm a HUGE fan, but not really sure how well I will do that late at night, after a long week at work, and entirely too long of a month of weddings and other family events. I'll try though.

Things that have been happening to and around me because of Mr. Potter:
  • My supervisor and I will talk about it, but only talk about how much we can't talk about it and how we don't want to know anything.
  • I've been avoiding the NYTimes,, and any other Web sites that dared to put up reviews and articles that are GIVING AWAY THE ENDING... who does that?!

  • My friend who will remain nameless (but his nickname rhymes with "Ash") sent me a supposedly leaked copy... I stupidly opened it and started looking around, then realized what it was and closed it immediately. I'm going to assume he was being eager when doing that, so all is forgiven and we are still speaking.

Ah, Harry... he has been with me as I grew up from a college drunkard to a working, suburbanite. It's been fun. Looking forward to this last adventure.

How excited are YOU?!

Harry Potter in India


tamasha said...

I read the NYT article - it doesn't give anything away!

archana said...

i hear you dude. i was downtown for an NYC barnes and nobles party. ppl were dressed up in all sorts of costumes, trying to cast spells on garbage "flying" around (because of wind)... i can't even explain the spectacle it was. i am an AVID fan, but the folks i met tonight made me feel like a poser.

ENJOY BOOK 7! can't wait :)

brown sugar said...

Girl, I'm still working my way through the book...hopefully I'll be able to finish it at the end of the week!