Friday, March 16, 2007

Family Reunion Recap

Spent last weekend in Chicago with a few (I mean like 20+) friends to do our usual thing.

I would like to thank the city of Chicago for having such wonderful weather for our visit. I've been in the Bay for little over a month and have already become weak to cold weather. So I was fretting right up until the moment I walked outside of Midway Airport. The way I was going on, one would have thought I was going to Antarctica with only a sweater. To my utter joy: breezes, mild cold, and very sunny, fantastic.

And I must rephrase my first statement: "I went to Chicago last weekend with a few (I mean like 20+) family members to do our usual thing." If one ever needed a visual definition of friendship, watch us. I'm so ridiculously happy after spending time with these individuals. I've known most of them for roughly a year or so... but it feels like I've known them forever. The openess with words, hugs, and gratuitous food and drink is something I didn't understand or even know I needed till it all happened.

My only gripe for the weekend - the smoking... ugh. In the words of my
friend, "It's so naaaast..." Chicago, please do all of us a favor and get rid of the smoking in public places. Aside from the unhealthiness, etc... it smells so bad. Ugh.

So, in summation - lots of laughs, fair amounts of alcohol, money on cabs, FOOD, Nintendo Wii, and QT with my BFFs.

Good times ya'll, we should do it again soon.


brown sugar said...

Sounds like a lot of fun! :-)

chai said...

oh, it was so much fun! :)