Thursday, January 25, 2007

We will not be quiet.

Today, I was going to whinge about the drama I am having regarding moving and everything else that is changing due to my job switching. Woe is me...

Then, I read this.

Not having read the original post, I found it reposted here (scroll down). As I was catching my breath, I read this nonsense (the first comment).

My mind is swirling, I am at a loss and felt compelled to blog about it. For me, there are a few issues at hand:

1)Religion, profession, location, actions and reactions at the time, do NOT matter. My friend was assaulted. Period.
2) The fact that she was asked to take her post down so as not to, "harm our good image in general of Hinduism," is just as wrong and is assault number two.
3)The comment made by down2earth regarding her situation was the third strike in this matter.

The common theme here is that my friend was disrespected, wholly and unabashedly, in three separate situations, by three separate individuals. This is not tolerable.

This situation is a universal one, the perpetrator used his position in order to get what he wanted. I figure her specifying that it was a "Hindu priest" struck a nerve with some folks. Regarding the religious connotation, I feel that it doesn't matter/does matter that the victimizer was a Hindu priest. It doesn't matter because he is guilty of sexual assault, regardless of who he is and/or what he does, and to be silent about it to protect the religion, will not alleviate the situation. However, it does matter, because someone that is to be trusted based on faith; not a "stranger" per se, but someone similar to a professor, teacher, counselor violated that trust using his role in a religion to his advantage.

My response to all of this is a heavy sigh, and a desire to do something. I hope that this situation opens up the eyes of you, my dear reader. What needs to be emphasized here is that my friend was
assaulted and did her best to speak out about it. I applaud her for her efforts.

I am posting this in order to support her, to spread the message and to NOT BE SILENCED.


Priya said...

You mean so much to me for doing this - thank you. The original post no longer belongs to me, but to every woman who has ever had a similar experience, and I hope they find it, post it, edit it to fit their own experience, and scream it out to the world. It's the least we all deserve.

Chai said...

go activist megs! beautiful post.