Thursday, April 12, 2007


3BT is a site I found through a friend. It is a pretty nifty concept - record three beautiful things that have given me pleasure, or made me smile. The friend does it on Thursdays, so I'm going to do a Diddy* and follow her lead. Here are my three beautiful things for today:

1. Watching the sun rise and light up all of my neighborhood during this morning's jog.

2. An elderly couple leaving the car; the husband got out (slowly); walked over to the other side (slowly); opened the door (slowly); and helped his wife out of the car (slowly). They then both smiled at each other as they went about their way (slowly).

3. Chatting with my Ma this morning for a decent amount of time. Since I moved to the Bay and with the time difference, it's hard to get good quality phone time with the Ma on a weekday.

*Diddy claims his success is due to Russell Simmons. When he (Diddy) started; he did everything Russell Simmons did. Diddy is now worth $350 Million...

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